1st day of school - ever!


all ready!

Teachers Jess & Tomasa with Josue & family

”Jesus’ Little Lambs” School opened yesterday! Missionary Jessica and Teacher Tomasa worked hard getting the little classroom ready with fresh paint, colorful bulletin boards, lots of books and other interesting things to do! We have 12 students that have never been to school ready to start! The children are all from our Physical Therapy program. The local schools are unable to accept most special needs children because of lack of resources and staff. Josue was the first to arrive – all dressed up and excited! This was truly a miraculous day for a miracle boy. ASELSI has been helping with Josue since his birth. After 5 1/2 years in our therapy program, Josue is actually walking and able to come to school! We also have 3 teenage girls who never have been to school. They came so excited with their backpacks, all ready to learn and have the joy of a “first day of school”!

Stayed tuned as we will update you frequently on this new project. What a wonderful way God has given us to bless his little ones and teach them how much he loves each one.


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  1. Crystal Drogorub says:

    I love it! What an awesome opportunity for these kids who would never have any kind of teaching or anyone to see their potential! Is the new school on the ASELSI base?

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