Yesterday all of the ASELSI full-time staff and their families traveled to Guatemala City. (The photos from our day are in the slideshow called “To Love is to Serve”.) We were blessed to partner with Sister Doris who has worked for many years in the slums of the capital city ministering to the children who live there.  We left from ASELSI at 5am in Victor’s school bus, and drove to Tecpan where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  Upon arriving at Doris’ ministry, “Amar es Servir”, we set everything up for our Christmas Program.  The children who came are the children that Doris serves every day by feeding both their physical and spiritual needs.  The ASELSI staff had prepared an excellent Christmas Program for the kids that included puppets, songs, an acrostic, a Bible lesson, clowns, gifts, and most importantly, an invitation to accept Christ as their Savior.  Praise God because many children accepted Jesus as their Savior!  We are thankful to Doris because we know that she will be there to support and instruct the children who made that important decision.

Next we headed to the National Zoo, where we ate lunch and enjoyed the animals!  We drove back towards Chichicastenango, and stopped for dinner.  John and Sharon outdid themselves by providing us with an outstanding meal at the restaurant Rincon Suiza!  With full stomachs, we boarded the bus to go home.  Several kilometers outside of Chichi, the bus’ breaks began to fail!  Praise God that we had asked the Chichi police to accompany us, and they were there to help.  After many prayers, the bus’ breaks were repaired, and we made it safely home.  Thanks to all of you who support ASELSI for giving us the opportunity to serve others who are in need, and to enjoy a special Christmas celebration together as a family.


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