Cathy (holding a chicken)

Cathy is a Registered Family Nurse Practitioner. She has sensed a call to missions for many years. She has 2 grown children and 3 precious granddaughters. She has been to Guatemala on mission trips, leading medical teams for many years. She has been serving here at ASELSI for the past three years. Cathy, with her Master’s degree in nursing, has added a new dimension to the quality and amount of services that we offer at the Father’s Heart Clinic.

Emily, Carlos and kids

Carlos is a minister born and raised in Mexico.  He is ordained with a Practical Theology Diploma.  He has been serving God in full time ministry for 20 years in different areas, working with children, leading worship, teaching about the Bible in Spanish on the radio, serving as a mission’s pastor doing short term missions in Canada, with the Indians in Mexico, the USA, Guatemala, and other countries in South America.  His wife Emily is certified in bilingual elementary education.  She cares for their three children, works with the Milk Program families during clinic, is part of the ASELSI Worship Team, and translates materials for the ministry.  Both Emily and Carlos are grateful to be on the mission field serving the people in the mountains of Guatemala through ASELSI.


Colleen is a graduate of Bible College and has served at her church in her hometown. Prior to moving to Guatemala she was very active in the youth ministry program at her church. After a number of short-term mission trips to ASELSI, Colleen has joined us full-time as the Short Term Team Coordinator. She will be in charge of planning and executing the groups that come to ASELSI to serve the people of Chichicastenago and the surrounding areas. She came in March 2009, completed 2 months of language school in Antigua, Guatemala and is now living in an adobe.

Mariette and Jorge

Jorge was born in Argentina. He studied philosophy and theology, and in 2004 he studied at a Bible School, where two years later he was ordained as a pastor. In 2007, he came to Guatemala, to work in a school in a little village in the mountains of Quiché, formed by refugees after the civil war. He taught Spanish and Philosophy. This was where he met his wife Mariette. Mariette was born in a little farmer village in Holland, Europe. She studied medical biology, and received her degree to teach biology in middle and high school. She has been in Guatemala since 2006, teaching math and science to middle school students. In December 2008 they got married. Since January 2010 they have been working with ASELSI.


Jennifer is a licensed physical therapist.  After graduating she continued her education at a local Bible School. Jennifer began serving as a missionary to her local church and community. During this time, she was involved with several ministries within her church and took several short term trips to China, Philippines, Mexico, Romania, Albania, and several countries in Africa. Her concentrations are planting International School of Ministry Bible Schools and starting physical therapy programs. Jennifer first visited ASELSI in 2003.  She returned in 2005 to start our physical therapy program, training our local workers in basic rehabilitation techniques.  In June 2009 Jennifer came to work alongside of ASELSI for a couple years to provide further training and learn better how to effectively train and operate a locally run physical rehabilitation clinic.

Jessica and Emanuel

Jessica came to Guatemala for the first time in the summer of 2005.  She has lived in Chichicastenango, Guatemala since the fall of 2007, when she moved to Guatemala to teach missionary kids. Emanuel has lived in Guatemala his whole life.  He started working at ASELSI in 2005.  Jessica and Emanuel got married in August of 2009. They now both work at ASELSI Ministries. Jessica serves at ASELSI teaching special needs children and developing an adult literacy program. Emanuel teaches at ASELSI’s Bible Seminary and also works as an administrator at ASELSI.  They both work with teams that come to serve at ASELSI.

Mike, Terri, and kids

Mike and Terri have served as missionaries in Guatemala since 1990.  They met in Guatemala City and were married in 1992.  From 1993 to 2009 they lived in a Mayan highland town where they worked with the Ixil people in the areas of agricultural development, medical outreach, evangelism, church planting and leadership development.  From 1994 to 2004 they helped to plant 25 churches in the Ixil area.  Mike and Terri began working with ASELSI in 1998 when John and Mike opened the first Bible Institute extension.  Mike now serves as the international director of the Bible Institute Extensions of ASELSI in Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States.  Their family serves in Guatemala with their four children.


Carol is a Registered Nurse.  For the last 39 years she has worked in cardiac, intensive care, hospice, parish nursing, community health, education, and bloodmobile nursing. Since the late 1970s she has felt a call to missionary work and has been on 10 short term medical mission trips to Haiti, Romania, Mexico, and Guatemala. She joined the staff at ASELSI in July 2010 after answering God’s call for long term missionary work. She will be working in the Father’s Heart Clinic as a nurse/pharmacist serving the people of Chichicastenango and the surrounding area. She also has completed 3 months of intense Spanish language education in Xela.


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