New Clinic Construction

Clinic was just starting when a father brought in a young boy who had fallen and needed sutures.  While Dr. Daniel and his wife Areli cleaned the wound on the child’s head, I (Cathy) gathered the laceration kit and suturing kit together to close the wound.  The child was calm during the procedure and will return to our clinic to have the six sutures removed next week.   Emergencies are just a part of our day here. The people are beginning to trust us more and more with the treatment of their precious children.  Thanks to you, Father’s Heart Clinic is open three days a week and hopefully in the near future we can be open four out of seven days.  The clinic building has a partial roof, and we believe we will be in the new clinic within the next six months with roof, floor, electric, water, doors and windows.

December 2010 Clinic Progress


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  1. axel herrera says:

    what can i do to help. is there a place to donate i am a native born in Guatemala . and wish to find out if there is some thing i can do help the less fortunate.

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