Professor Carlos honors Pastor Diego

Pastor Diego Cumex Xon came to ASELSI in 2004 and was interested in studying at ASELSI-ILIO Bible School.  Pastor Diego is the pastor of the church Misión Evangélica Admirable Príncipe de Paz in Chichicastenango.  However, he only had a 3rd grade education level, and needed at least a 6th grade education level to study at ASELSI.  So, he went back to school, and studied through 8th grade, and then returned to ASELSI, eager to begin studying the Word of God in 2007.

John, Diego, and Mike

John, Diego, and Mike

Since his first language was Quiche, he failed many classes his first year.  But he did not give up.  He returned and continued studying, even though the following year he still failed some of his classes.  His third year at ILIO, he graduated, passing all of his classes with honors!

Pastor Diego with his family

When he graduated he was 50 years old.  We give glory and honor to God for Pastor Diego’s perseverance, which is an example to all of us here at ASELSI.


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