Clinic was running pretty smooth. I (Cathy) had my patients finished and was helping Dr. Daniel finish when we were told about a little girl in clinic who could not breathe.  Emili Tomasa Larios Mejia is 5 years old and has had asthma for four of those years.  She has been seen in Fathers Heart Clinic before with exacerbations of Asthma. This time her life hung in the balance.  She was struggling to breathe, every breath was difficult, she was afraid, and was using all her chest muscles just to take a breath. We tried using a nebulizer treatment to open her airway but it only helped a little.  We called an ambulance to take her to the hospital where they intubated her and started her treatment.  She was in the hospital for a week and now has been extubated and will be going home this weekend.  I praise God daily for this clinic for the Mayan people of our area.  This little girl would have been a statistic had it not been for all of us working to get her into the hospital as fast as possible.  Her sister-in-law came by the clinic today to thank ASELSI for saving Emili’s life.


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