Jose (the graduate) and Mike

Dear ASELSI supporters,

Jose Gallego Matom is an Ixil pastor of a small church located high in the mountains north of Nebaj.  He began studying with us at IBEX Bible School in the Nebaj extension in 1998 and completed his basic level courses in 2000.  He went on to begin his bachillerato level studies in 2006 but had to quit because of his migrant work on the south coast chopping sugar cane to feed his family.  Another difficulty is that he pastors a church in the village of Sumal Grande which is located four hours away from Nebaj.  He had to leave his house at 4AM and walk two hours from his village to the end of the road where he caught a bus for Nebaj for the next two hours just to make it to class on time.  Somewhere in 2008 he told our coordinator Gil Villatoro in Nebaj that he just could not do it any more and he dropped out.  Gil tried to encourage him as he only lacked three courses to finish his bachillerato.  The Nebaj extension closed down at the end of 2009.

To our total surprise, Jose showed up at the opening of the Cotzal extension at the beginning of 2010.  He said that he was ready to finish his studies, and traveled five hours one way from his home in Sumal Grande to finish his last three courses.  His graduation last week in Chinaca with his bachellor’s degree in theology was a great triumph for him, ASELSI and the kingdom of God.

Jose is the reason IBEX-ASELSI exists – to equip the “least of these” that will probably be the first in the Kingdom of Heaven.

For Christ and His Kingdom,



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