Thanks for visiting the ASELSI blog!  For over 18 years, John and Sharon have been dedicated to serving the people in Chichicastenango, Guatemala (and the surrounding region) and sharing Christ with them. Today, there are 18 missionaries serving alongside them, along with 35 staff members.  I’ve known John and Sharon throughout this time, and what’s amazing is that they are still the same humble people that came to Guatemala so long ago.  They love Jesus with all their hearts and are dedicated to spreading the word of God through several major ongoing outreaches:

1. Training and Equipping local pastors in an area where there are no resources for basic and continued pastoral and theological education. Pastors and local leaders attend classes at the newly built facility (ILIO) or at one of the many training extension locations.

2. The Father’s Heart Clinic provides desperately needed medical care and ongoing education for the local native Indian people. This includes a milk program for the many hundreds of malnourished children in the area as well.

Click here to watch an informational video about ASELSI.

If you are thinking about getting involved in missions, whether you would like to give financially, pray or go on a mission trip, ASELSI is an amazing organization.  I know this from personal experience!

How did you find out about ASELSI?  What’s been your experience with them?


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